We'll Talk About It Later

by Sadisfied

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released April 1, 2017

Recorded: Bradly Perkins
Mixed: Bradly Perkins
Master: Bradly Perkins



all rights reserved


Sadisfied Lawrence, Kansas

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Track Name: Flowers
I'm desperate
Falling over
The same old cliff
That has no return
She holds me back
And tells me to relax

I'm just so sick of planting flowers
(that will all die in my head)
and its their leaves they cannot leave me
(but without sun they cant live)
i cant stand this
(i cant stand this)

she holds me back
and tells me to relax
Track Name: Hotel Beers
Can I sleep?
Its been way too long
So I'll sit here, with a drink,
and watch Tristan sing this song.

and this bag doesn't contain clothes
but courage on ice, and it gives us hope
that the sky will fall, no worries at all
so raise these cans, this night will never end

So we'll drink till the light, never forget this night
and the sky will fall, no worries at all
Track Name: Pink Shoelace Guy
Living in silence is louder than words
but i cant seem to tell which one is worse
I'm so scared of what I'm not trying
I'm so tired of always giving up

I'm so sorry for mistakes i cant do anything about
I'm tired of trying, i always do my best
i cant stand the shaking of my sweaty hands
a sure sign of failure is what I've always had

Your pink shoelaces have went on by
my friends are gone
I don't know why
Track Name: Cheers
wishing this would last
these times with my friends
two beers in, im falling down
passed out on the couch
the best i ever had

These days will be missed
hanging with my friends
these nights cant ever pass
I'll be damned if they end
The best i ever had

This wont last forever
These nights will have to end
two beers in, who will catch me?
Track Name: Jacob
Those were the better days
Those were the better days of my life
Could not see a thing in the dark
My doubts would lay
Those were the better days
Those were the better days of my life
Now i see it all, i sweat
its hell in my skin

How can i get away
How can i get away from myself
crush my bones to dust and i will float away
those were the better days
those were the better days of my life
could not hear a thing, your words
I could escape

I will walk into the dark
I will hide away, you
you only saw my faults, you
you never saw my pain
Track Name: Graduation Goggles
Remember when we would say
we'll grow up and be happy someday
I think we're getting better
but i think that every time you smile
but now I've given up all hope
and now I've given up on myself

Take me back
to the time
When i was fine
Take me back
to the time
When you were mine
Track Name: Missouri
I'm not perfect but who said i was?
I'll never make you smile the way that he does

Remember those long drives home?
Nights spent with ghosts
Remember the tree and the window
It feels the same, but i don't know

Another sleepless night,
Here I come

Now its been a few years
still stuck in this place
this empty mind state
that keeps me up way too late
building up my life again
but then it comes around
that time of year you left me
and I'm torn right back down

I know i could name every song we sang together
but i know that you don't care
but i miss you, and want to say I'm sorry
but i know that you don't care
Track Name: Under The Weather
Then she said please stay,
don't leave here
don't go away
I cant dear because I'll fear
that you'll get wet from the rain
that nights spring around me
oh these clouds sleep when its day

I hope that you'll run to my car in a rain coat
not scared of the dark
but i wont be seeing anything out my door
to stop me from driving in this heave downpour
though pity could stop me
why am i so gloomy?
not thinking or stopping
I drive off of the road

Then she said
please stay
don't leave me
don't go away
Track Name: Cool Beans
Waking up is easier for you than it ever is for me
Lately I've been thinking that's not how its supposed to be
Pain is always easier for me than it ever is for you
Living's only something when its something that you want to do

I hope your future's as bright as can be
I hope you're happy, I hope you're happy
Track Name: Kimmie
You always asked me how i felt
but i never understood
the winter wind it kept me warm
more than you ever could
I don't sleep much anymore
these thoughts run through my mind
staring blankly at my ceiling
to try and pass the time

Looking in the mirror
i don't recognize myself
where exactly did i go wrong
i wish that i could tell

I've come to terms with myself
and hope for a better tomorrow
but waking up seems to be
the hardest pill to swallow

Winter is the hardest time
the cold blood in my veins
the leaves are gone i am alone
everything has changed